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Letters Home

We’re paying tribute to the stories of 4 unsung heroes.

Along the Trasimene Heritage Walk in Currie, you’ll find the Letters Home installation. The commemorative plaques in this area highlight the personal stories and letters of Canadian servicemen and women who served in four different military conflicts. To share their stories further and provide a glimpse of who these individuals were, Canada Lands Company created this documentary in collaboration with the families of these heroes.

Watch the documentary to learn more about each of these brave Canadians.


Private Alexander Decoteau

Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, 49th Battalion, Edmonton Regiment First World War, 1914 – 1918

Private Decoteau was Canada’s first Indigenous police officer before enlisting in Edmonton’s Sportsmen’s Battalion and being deployed to Belgium, where he served as a communications trench runner.

Lieutenant Norma Stowe

South African Military Nursing Service
Second World War, 1939 – 1945

Lieutenant Stowe was one of hundreds of Canadian women who traveled to South Africa to care for those injured in conflict. In addition to tending to physical wounds, these nurses were on the forefront of treating what is now called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Captain Vernon Cole

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 3rd Battalion
Korean War, 1950 – 1953

Captain Cole served in Korea, earning the Military Medal for his courage, leadership and personal bravery. After returning to Canada, he was stationed at Currie Barracks and was a driving force behind Currie Barracks’ Regimental Museum, which is now housed at The Military Museums.

Captain Nichola Goddard

Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 1st Regiment
Canadian Operations in Afghanistan, 2001 – 2011

Captain Goddard was deployed as a Forward Operating Officer in the Panjwaye District of Afghanistan. She was the first Canadian woman to lead troops in combat, in what was Canada’s first live fire of artillery since the Korean War.

Read their Letters Home

Visit the Letters Home plaques on Trasimene Heritage Walk in Alexandria Park to read their full stories.


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A Heartfelt Thank You

Canada Lands Company would like to thank the following for making this documentary possible:

  • Izola Mottershead, great-niece of Private Alexander Decoteau
  • Joanne Underwood, daughter of Norma Stowe
  • Bruce Cole, son of Captain Vernon Cole
  • Sally Goddard, mother of Captain Nichola Goddard

  • The Statesman Group of Companies
  • The Inn on Officers’ Garden
  • The Military Museums
  • Valour Canada
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Edmonton Police Services, Digital Media Unit
  • The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum and Archives
  • The University of Calgary Archives and Special Collections
  • Canadian Press
  • The Department of National Defence

Trasimene Heritage Walk

Trasimene Heritage Walk is a tribute to the Canadians who have bravely served our country in military conflicts, and honours Currie’s rich military history. The walk was originally named after a significant World War II battle near Lake Trasimene. Located in Tuscany, the Trasimene Line was a German defensive position that the Allies were able to penetrate, ultimately forcing the Germans out of Italy. This became a significant victory for the Allies. Three divisions of Canada’s First Armoured Brigade, including the Calgary, Ontario and Three Rivers regiments, received the Trasimene Line battle honour.

The historic Trasimene Heritage Walk is recognized by the Government of Alberta as a Provincial Heritage asset. As one of eleven heritage buildings and landscapes, it has been preserved as a key part of Currie’s redevelopment.

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