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Destination Currie

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Since its launch, Currie has been steadily growing and maturing as its vision takes shape. Today, Currie is a beacon of endless possibilities, linking past, present and future in one brilliant setting. You can continue the tradition of vibrant living in Currie with homes for every life stage and lifestyle, designed to be close to shopping, restaurants, parks and playgrounds. All just seven minutes from downtown.

Explore Currie's Master Plan

Currie’s award-winning master plan showcases three uniquely dynamic neighbourhoods linked by a pedestrian-friendly network of traffic-calmed streetscapes and urban pathways. Each neighbourhood has been thoughtfully envisioned, and together they shape a complete and connected community.


The Commons

The Commons brings green space, beautiful streetscapes, recreation and nature to Currie. Homes, townhomes, condos, heritage buildings and outdoor spaces like Valour Park, Victoria Cross Boulevard, walking trails, and Airport Playground are all located in the Commons.

Officers' Mess Hall J5 & Garden
Trasimene Heritage Walk
Alexandria Park
Ramshead House K4
Airport Playground
Brad House K3

The Core

The Core is a future vibrant, mixed-use district with diverse shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues plus a mix of townhomes and condos. Alive 365 days a year, this area is destined to be Currie’s go-to location – a bustling commercial hub in the daytime, and a magnetic dining and entertainment destination at night.

Stables Building D4

The Campus

The Campus is a mixed-use district featuring a blend of entrepreneurial, academic and commercial spaces plus homes for every lifestyle. Explore historical buildings and heritage-inspired outdoor spaces surrounding thriving and expanding schools, easily accessible public transit, and tons of space for outdoor fun.

Pellat Block B8
Currie Office Campus
Athlone Building D2
Clearwater Academy
Bessborough Building B7

Our Favourite Features

Currie is Thoughtfully Planned

There are 23 acres of open green space within our community, offering abundant access to nature for residents and visitors alike. This green space includes Alexandria Park, the heart of our community with 14 acres of space for families of all ages to enjoy.

There you’ll find the Currie Bark Park, Airport Playground, and amphitheatre/toboggan hill filled with life and laughter. Soon, our highly anticipated future skating rink/splash park will be complete to provide even more fun to the community.

To see it all, stroll or bike through the historic Trasimene Heritage Walk which connects Alexandria Park with other parts of the neighbourhood via a beautiful and educational trail system.

Currie is Convenient

Currie is only a 7 minute drive from Downtown Calgary or a lovely 15 minute bike ride. You don’t need to stray far to find enriching amenities though—there are over 70 businesses just steps from residents’ front doors.

Daycare, health and wellness, professional services, recreation, and sports and fitness businesses run by local Calgarians are around every, for your convenience. So everything from your daily necessities to

Currie is Historic

Within Currie, you’ll find 11 provincially designated heritage buildings and landscapes, each telling a piece of Currie’s rich history. As a former Canadian Armed Forces base known as Currie Barracks, the area contains a unique history that is celebrated through Currie’s redevelopment as a community with past, present, and future in mind.

Currie is Vibrant

Throughout Currie, diverse homes from our five, award-winning builder partners offer vibrant living for every stage of life. With apartments, townhomes, and single family homes designed for a variety of families and lifestyles, there’s something for everyone in Currie.

Interactive Amenity Map

Our interactive amenity map helps you uncover your new favourite parks, pass times, and businesses in Currie. Be sure to check out Wild Rose Brewery, The Inn on Officers’ Garden, and Burwood Distillery—three of our community’s favourite gathering places for sharing drinks, food, and good times.

Wild Rose Brewery offers Alberta’s finest craft quality beer from a historic air craft hanger used in Currie’s military past.

The Inn on Officers’ Garden is a boutique hotel with 13 guest rooms and modern restaurants like Officers Pub and Flanders Find Foods. You’ll also find a wine tasting room plus an event hall and outdoor patio.

Burwood Distillery is an award-winning craft spirits producer located in the historic Stables building in Currie.

Masala Bhavan


Barrow Coffee Roasters

Shanked Computer Recycling

The Military Museums

Westview Consulting

SabreTEC Barter Calgary

Priddis Environmental Solutions

Venture Publishing

Southland Transportation

Rescued Horse Season Nine

Bethany Chapel of Calgary

Calgary Grace Lutheran Church

West Winds Music Society

Calgary Stetson Show Band Association

Calgary Round-Up Band

Calgary Round-Up Band Association

Beyond Paper Bookkeeping

Sean Dooley Professional Corporation

Dunphy & Associates

Sho-Arc Bureau of Architecture

Southern Alberta Co-Operative Housing Association

Hindle Architects

Rocky Point Custom Homes

Canada Lands Company

Sigma Risk Management

Whitehall Energy

Global Capture Incorporated

Leanne Jenkins Interior Design

Smash Conditioning

You Fit Life

Jungle Athletics

Mackey Design Group

Emerald Associates

Debra Hopwood-Jones Law

ACTA Press

Conscientia Counselling Services

Currie Chiropractic & Wellness

Trio Psychology

Alina Dulaney Alpha Counselling

Rangatira Consulting

Monique Jamin Psychologist

Executive Links

Kassandra Heap Psychological Services


Jillian Dean, Manual Osteopath

Warrior Physiotherapy

Symmetry Health & Wellness

Leah Oreel Performance Therapy

Dr. Mark Dyrholm Chiropractic

East Kootenay Land Corporation

Athletica Gymnastics

The training at Athletica Gymnastics focuses on physical, mental, and social development. Its core philosophy is to help build a strong foundation for each participant, allowing for growth in all areas of life. Programs include pre-school, recreational, ninja classes, competitive, and more.

WTM Muay Thai Kickboxing

Whether you want to be fighting fit or fit to fight, the seasoned trainers at WTM Muay Thai Kickboxing will help you get there. Regular services include scheduled classes, kids’ summer ninja camp, corporate team building, private functions, coaching and fight camp training, and personal training.

Wild Rose Brewery

Located in an old airplane hanger in Currie, the Wild Rose Taproom offers a variety of Alberta craft beers and food supporting local suppliers. The Taproom offers dine-in, take-out and delivery, as well as events and catering.

Barracks Fitness

Whether you’re new to exercise or you’ve been doing it for years, Barracks Fitness offers an exciting and challenging fitness environment for everybody—members range from 5 years old to 65+.

The Inn on Officers' Garden

What began as the Officers’ Mess at Currie Barracks is now a social hub for the entire Currie community. The Inn on Officers’ Garden is not only a perfect place to hang out any day of the week, but it’s also a sought-after space for weddings, corporate events, family reunions, and even a boutique hotel weekend getaway for friends or couples. The historic building with modern interiors includes everything you need to host your celebration—even if you don’t have any experience with planning events.

  • Snake Pit
  • Flanders Fine Foods
  • Vino Chat
  • The Mark McCullough Memorial Conservatory
  • The Living Room
  • Wedding Services
  • The Inn Suites

Access Academy

Access Academy is a full-time private high school accredited and licensed by Alberta Education, preparing Canadian and International students through Grade 10-12 for university studies.

New Heights School & Learning Services

New Heights is preparing kids for the community and the community for kids. Its goal is to create a community dedicated to pioneering a bright future for individuals on the autism spectrum to live independent, confident, and purposeful lives.

Banbury Crossroads School

Banbury is a self-directed learning school whose ultimate goal is to foster student autonomy within an environment of mutual respect.

Clear Water Academy

Centrally located in Currie Barracks, Clear Water Academy has been providing Catholic education in Calgary since 1995. The school is consistently ranked as a top school in Alberta and is the only one in Canada to offer the unique educational model of integral formation.

Bennett Building B6

Constructed in 1935, the Bennett was not only one of the first structures to form The Parade Square, but it was also a primary mess and recreation hall for non-commissioned members to socialize. The main idea behind the H-shaped design of this building was to reinforce rank separation for both dining and recreation activities. The Bennett Building became a multi-use structure and headquarters to Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and the #1 Service Battalion in 1971. Today, the Bennett stands tall as a reminder of generations of military excellence and leadership.

Officers’ Mess Hall J5

The Officers’ Mess Hall was the ultimate symbol of elite military status. The building was constructed in 1936 to be a gathering and living space for officers and high-ranking members stationed in Currie. It also provided housing for visiting dignitaries. The striking X-shaped design of the building features symmetrical wings and a gabled wood-framed roof, along with a formal garden at the back.

Ramshead House K4

Constructed between 1936 and 1938, this cottage-style building with eclectic styling is segregated from the main part of Currie Barracks to emphasize the elite status of its residents – the regimental commanders in Currie Barracks. This stretch of the road connects both Brad House and Ramshead House to the Officers’ Mess Hall and provides access to the main base and The Parade Square.

Brad House K3

The Brad House, constructed between 1936 and 1938, was a residence for base commanders in Currie Barracks. The cottage-style building with eclectic styling is segregated from the main part of Currie Barracks to emphasize the elite status of its residents and their separation from the other members of the base. This stretch of the road connects both Brad House and Ramshead House to the Officers’ Mess Hall and provides access to the main base and The Parade Square.

Pellat Block B8

Constructed in 1952, The Pellat Block was a part of the second phase of the development of The Parade Square. Like its counterpart buildings, it housed thousands of non-commissioned members over the years. Although the Pellat Block’s design appears more modern, it complements the classic looks of other buildings with elements like a rough concrete façade, a wood cottage-style roof, and a north-facing balcony with a maple leaf motif.

Bessborough Building B7

Constructed in 1936, the Bessborough was the first permanent barracks in Currie. The barracks’ design reflects its functional nature and formal atmosphere. The building has a rough-faced concrete exterior, cohesive, a cottage-style shingled roof, and Romanesque arches at entryways. Together with the Athlone and the Bennett buildings, the Bessborough creates an elegant frame for The Parade Square complex. The Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians), Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, and the Queen’s Own Rifle lived at the Bessborough until 1971.

Athlone Building D2

At the time of its construction in 1936, the Athlone was the hub for all administrative duties in Currie Barracks. The building’s design conveys the authority of the Canadian military and the grand, formal traditions that come with it. The Athlone sets itself apart with a distinctive double-return staircase and ornamental wrought-iron finishes, as well as a military insignia formed by a crown, three maple branches, and a pair of crossed swords inset in the floor of the main foyer.

Stables Building

This single-story building constructed in 1936 was one of the first structures in Currie Barracks. While the unique K-shaped design of the Stables Building accommodated up to one hundred horses, its high ceilings, arrangement of windows and doors, and brick construction maximized light, airflow, and sanitation. After the Second World War, it was converted into lodging for infantry units to meet the growing accommodation demands of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Officers’ Garden

Constructed with the Officers’ Mess Building in 1936, this elegant garden was a place for the highest-ranking officers in the armed forces to hang out. Today, its gazebo, mature trees, flowering shrubs, pathways, and seating make it a beautiful site to enjoy community events or visit with friends and family.

Trasimene Heritage Walk

Along the Trasimene Heritage Walk in Currie, you’ll find the Letters Home installation – which tells stories of Canadian servicemen and women through the letters they wrote home during times of military conflict. The commemorative plaques in this area give visitors a glimpse of who these individuals were. The site is lined with beautiful mature trees and includes bicycling and walking paths connecting the community through Alexandria Park.

The Parade Square

Created in 1936, The Parade Square was the beating heart of the barracks. The Square had more than 265,000 sq. ft. of open space for ceremonies, celebrations, and activities of daily military living in Currie. It offered civilians a glimpse of grand military tradition and helped solidify their connection with the Canadian Armed Forces. Throughout the years, The Square played host to many dignitaries, including members of the royal family.

Bark Park

The Currie Bark Park provides more than 17,000 sq. ft. ofdedicated space for dogs to roam and socialize. The jumbo dog bone sculpture at the park’s main entrance is a great photo opportunity. The Bark Park features tunnels, weaving posts, hoop jumps, a bridge apparatus, and a dog-sized fire hydrant.

Alexandria Park

Alexandria Park is a central green space for the community. It’s spread across 13.5 acres and includes the Airport Playground, the Trasimene Heritage Walk, amphitheatre and lawn, skating rink, City viewpoint, woodland park, and Bark Park. Alexandria Park also features mature trees and buildings honouring military history.

Airport Playground

Located in Alexandria Park, the Airport Playground is one of Calgary’s most popular playgrounds. It has an imaginative theme and features an airport control tower slide, saucer swings, airplane bouncer and climber, and a climbing wall. The playground is accessible and has equipment for children with special needs. It also includes a safe and clean rubber play surface and is surrounded by mature trees that offer plenty of shade.

Bishop Carrol Walk

This community park is part of the regional pathway system is used by Bishop Carrol High School students to travel to and from school. The walk extends through Currie and gets its name from Bishop Francis Carroll – a renowned rector and one of the country’s greatest orators.

Victoria Cross Park

This promenade park honors recipients of the Victoria Cross medal, Canada’s highest military award. The plaques mounted on the plinths in Victoria Cross Park tell stories of the Canadian heroes who won the Victoria Cross during the Second World War.

Valour Park

A central park connected to Alexandria Park by the Victoria Cross promenade. Bronze statues on an island connected by bridges in the middle of this park honour the three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces – army, navy, and air force. The island is surrounded by amphitheatre-style seating in the dry moat as a defense against stormwater. It’s a fun spot for kids to play and ride bikes and enjoy the park.

The Performance Studio

Currie Green Sales Centre

Located in the heart of the community, Currie Green is for mature residents who require independent living. The development offers a lock-and-leave retirement lifestyle just a few steps away from mature parks and green spaces where residents can engage in activities, exercise, entertainment, and socialization.

Empire Custom Homes

Empire Custom Homes brings quality to every step as one of Calgary’s finest custom home designers and builders with a collection of luxury single-family homes and townhomes in Currie. As part of its most important feature, the Healthy Home initiative, Empire Custom Homes chooses, sources, and builds with the best materials available to eliminate as many chemicals and toxins as possible to help families breathe and live well.

Dominium Sales Center (in the Brad House)

Dominium is one of the oldest new kids on the block. With a thousand custom homes under the belt, it has pioneered a new way of designing and building homes. Currie is the culmination of everything it has discovered along the way—a set of homes developed in collaboration with homebuyers and top industry professionals and brought to life with cutting-edge construction technologies.

Crystal Creek Homes

Crystal Creek has crafted a gorgeous collection of single-family and estate homes in Currie with spacious plans to suit couples and families alike. It also offers carriage suites with many of their homes—which can be used as a space for guests, a rental unit, or a nanny suite and can evolve with your family as it grows.

H/W Youth Ballet

The Hattori/Williamson school of ballet offers a technically superior and artistically challenging program. It goes beyond the standard curriculum or ballet syllabus to help aspiring dancers grow and achieve greatness.

Fired Up Fitness

The Fitness Guy

Peak Fitness

Peak Fitness specializes in personal training, customized fitness programs, pre and post-natal fitness, and nutrition training. It aims to build relationships and inspire the community to have fun with fitness while being challenged to the next level.

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Rohit Communities

Magazine-worthy apartments available for pre-sale from the $200s.


Custom and pre-planned homes from $1.2 million.

Empire Custom Homes

Custom and move-in ready homes from $1.2 million.

Crystal Creek Homes

Custom and move-in ready homes from $1.25 million.


Senior assisted- and independent-living suites. Contact us for pricing.

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