Currie Living - Core


The Core is the nucleus, and the commercial and cultural center of Currie. It is the beating heart of the entire area.

It’s a thriving village of bricks, towers, glass and energy, all teeming with possibility. It’s light-filled lofts, organic eateries, beautiful boutiques and thoughtful, creative professionals all coming together to decide what’s next for the city.

Life at the Core extends far beyond the living room, out into the markets, shops, lawns and trails of Currie. A certain balance exists here between urban ambition and comfortable civilization.

Inspired by the finest European public squares, the Core serves up sky, sunlight, fresh thinking and an enviable way of life for all who wish to join in.

Currie Life - Campus


The Campus is Currie, sleeves rolled up, exchanging ideas and creating the future. New ideas are just easier to come by in a space and place that truly works for you.

A diverse offering of modern office space designs, the Campus is the soon-to-be HQ for ambitious start-ups and growing established companies alike.

Commuting is minimized and work/life balance realistically achieved. A certain harmony settles in as ambition, productivity and contentment all happily coincide.

Business services, lunch options, amenities and recreation are always within reach in the Campus. And the central green and boulevards forge new partnerships, collaboration and endless possibilities.

Currie Life - Commons


The Commons are where Currie goes to breathe. Grass, sun, trees and trails all play an important role in modern life, and there’s no shortage of them in this lush new part of town.

Be it a break from work over lunch or a meandering walk before dinner, the Commons’ close proximity to the Campus and the Core make it instantly accessible and always inviting.

Single family homes, townhomes, playgrounds and bike trails strike a particular harmony here. And repurposed heritage buildings provide a natural venue for residents and community to come together and grow.

The Commons proudly delivers the Currie New Urbanism commitment to balance, beauty, access to fresh air, and healthy, quality living.